Touch Trainer

Touch Trainer plays music & shows a simple animation whenever a button is tapped. The button gets progressively smaller as the app moves through the levels to easily teach individuals how to use a touch screen & to use pointing skills.

Toddler Puzzle Spelling WordsDesigned by a BCBA (board certified behavior analyst) Puzzle Spelling Words is not only a powerful educational tool, but also provides hours of fun!

This app is built especially for early learners and anyone working towards letter recognition, spelling and reading with an easy to navigate interface to encourage independent learning.

The app has the option to allow users to match letters in any order, or ensures that the user is matching letters in left to right correct spelling order. This lets you adjust the game for different ability levels.

Fun music plays in the background while users explore different illustrated scenes and learn:

– Letter Recognition
– Names of Letters
– How to Spell Words
– Fine Motor Skills
– Matching

Excellent app! – This is a very effective tool to teach use of the pointer finger- I have a young student -highly motivated by the animations and sounds- who independently used his pointer finger for the first time I’ve seen, to activate the buttons in this app. I love being able to adjust the settings to allow for this, as well the length of time the animations are displayed etc. I have two other apps from this company and am pleased with them as well! *Just to be clear, I wasn’t able to just hand this to my student and say here you go- it required facilitation from an adult and practice on/off the iPad; I have since had some favorable responses with other little ones but I tried it with them knowing they would be good candidates, each child is so unique. I am glad to have this as an option.

Special Apps, Special Kids

Mom – This is a great app!!! The touch trainer allows my children to work on selection accuracy in a fun and rewarding way (w/o the need for food reinforcers!!) With the new option of being able to program the app to recognize a simple touch or a distinct tap, the app can be tailored for varying ability levels. Mastery of the touch trainer skills will serve as important precursors to more sophisticated apps down the road. The folks at Touch Autism are as about as customer friendly as you can get, very much look forward to seeing what they roll out in the future.

Jen A from Pa

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