i Am Ready Pre-K Assess and Learn App Review

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App Overview

i Am Ready Pre-K Menu PageWhen preparing your child for Kinderaton or another Pre-K school, it may be challenging to start if you don’t know where your child is at. i Am Ready Pre-K Assess and Learn is an app that can help assess your child’s readiness for school in the comfort of your own home. If you have ever had formal assessments done through a school district, teacher, or therapist you might relate with the anxiety, or worry your child has had during the assessment which is typical in a new place and with new people. While those formal assessments are very important, the i Am Ready Pre-K app can help you as a parent prepare your child and track progress at home. You can conduct regular assessments because they are fun! The app also provides some practice activities to work on the skills that the child might still need help with. The i Am Ready Pre-K Assess and Learn App was created by LMC Academy which provides resources to help learners of all ages and all abilities.

App Features

i Am Ready Pre-K ProfileWhen you open the app, you will be directed to the main menu where you can create a profile. You will enter the child’s name, age, and information into the profile. You can also take a picture by using your device’s camera. Currently, there is not a feature that allows you to use your camera roll or photo stream to add an older photo. I think this could be a helpful feature in the future. You can add up to 5 profiles. If you have more than one child that fits in the 3-5 age group or if you are a daycare or preschool provider, this can be helpful and you can keep all the results organized in a separate profile for each child.

The Assessment

i Am Ready Pre-K Assessment ResultsAfter you have created a profile, you will begin the assessment. The testing categories include: Reading, Math, Language, Fine Motor, Tracing and Printing, Puzzles, Gross Motor, Self Help, and Social Skills. It really does offer a wide variety of categories to gather information. My little guy is very wiggly so what I love about this app is that you don’t have to do all of the categories at once. You can do one category and save the results and then come back for the other ones when the child is ready. Some of the categories are questions that would be answered by parents and others are activities and questions that would be answered by the child so you want to make sure you can help your child during the entire assessment or be nearby. There is a lock option that requires a password that you set to get into any of the profiles. This keeps the testing confidential. The child can still access the practice games and activities, they just can’t enter their profile to take an assessment or to view any results without the password. After you have finished the assessment, you can email and print the reports for your own records.

What’s Great About This App

i Am Ready Kids App ReviewOverall, I think this is a great app for children between the ages of 3-5 that are preparing for school. It is helpful for all kids getting ready for that big transition but especially children that might have developmental or learning delays and need more one on one attention. Most of the categories are really fun and interactive for the child and so it should keep their interest. A few of the categories require a parent to answer the questions and so keep that in mind when purchasing it. The results are displayed very simply and this a very parent friendly and informal way of testing.

The LMC Academy website has some books as well as The i Am Ready Pre-K app. At the time of writing this review i Am Ready Pre-K Assess and Learn retailed for $2.99.

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A fun app to assess your child’s readiness for school.

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