Give Me 5!!! Social Skills Multiplayer Version App Review

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App Overview

Give me 5!!! Social Skills MenuI am delighted today to be reviewing The Give me 5!!! Social Skills Multiplayer Version App today. This is a fantastic social skill learning app. Individuals playing get to expand their knowledge about social cues, facial expressions, and body language while playing a game, watching short video clips, and answering questions. The Multiplayer version which I will be reviewing today allows up to five users at a time. This is perfect for educators, or therapists that would require more than 1 user. There are 8 different categories of social skills to learn about within the app. Included are short video clips featuring children with different abilities including some on the Autism Spectrum. The videos are very genuine and showcase real life scenarios. This app was created by The Developmental Garden. They help and support children to be successful in social situations. Their website has a lot of great social skill resources, products, and videos to check out as well.

MultiPlayer Features

Give me 5!!! Social Skills App ReviewLet’s get started! The app opens up to a main menu where you have two options: Login or Read the Instruction Guide. The instructions contain illustrations and tips on how to create a profile, change your name or photo, and play the game. The guide is short but to the point and answers most questions you would have. You can create a profile by clicking “profile” at the bottom of the instruction guide or by clicking “Login” on the main menu. When you are creating a profile, you will be given the option to record your own voice, or to choose between a Male, or a Female audio recording. Once you have created a profile, it will be time to play a “Plinko” like game and answer questions. You will click on the child at the top of the screen to drop the disc down into the maze. You can tilt your screen to navigate the disc into the right slot and that determines which question you will get. Each time you have reached a slot, it will be time to watch a short video and answer a social question. You will need to answer 8 questions for each level correctly to continue through the 9 levels and master the app. Most of them are yes or no questions. If you answer a question incorrectly, the app will simply tell you try it again later during the level. Rather than receiving a “Give me 5” icon over the incorrect question, you will see a question mark which you will have the opportunity to answer again during the level.

MultiPlayer Features

Give me 5!!! Social Skills App ReviewToday I am reviewing the Multiplayer version for this app. This version is a great choice for teachers, educators, therapists, or parents of multiple children. You are allowed up to 5 users at a time and it saves each users’ profile information. The Give Me 5!!! Multiplayer version also makes it easy to see the users results and gain insight on their progress. I love this feature because it makes goal setting and goal tracking so much easier. Some of the questions and topics that are discussed within the app include: manners, handling emotions, reading body language, and understanding social behavior. These are great subjects to discuss in a classroom, at home, or in a therapy type setting.

What’s Great About This App

Give me 5!!! Social Skills App ReviewOverall, I think this app is a great tool for children that struggle with social skills and need help understanding advanced social cues. Because of the auditory explanations and questions that are asked, I would recommend this app mostly to individuals with only minor or no cognitive delays or speech impairments. I would also say the recommended age would be between 8-14 years of age. This app helps children pay attention to subtle social cues, facial expressions, and body language as well as what is said in the video clips. I love that parents and educators can view the results of this app and track the progress from the app. I also am a big fan of the short video clips. They feel genuine and relatable to kids. I think it would be awesome in the future if the app could rotate. Currently it only allows you to be in the vertical locked screen position but I look forward to the incredible social skill progress that can happen from this app. The Developmental Garden contains other great social skill resources for children with Autism. At the time of writing this review Give Me Five!!! Multiplayer Version App retailed for $7.99.

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A Social Skills learning app that teaches through real scenario videos, and simple questions.

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