Knock Knock Numbers App Review

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App Overview

Knock Knock Numbers AppYou might just be rolling on the floor with laughter after trying out this week’s app review. Knock Knock Numbers will make you smile, laugh, and learn a few more jokes to tell your friends and family. Created right here at Touch Autism; this clever app teaches social skills through knock knock jokes. Understanding humor and telling jokes are important skills to developing relationships. Connecting with others through humor is incredibly helpful. It can be hard for some who takes things literally to understand a joke. Children with Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome, and Anxiety Disorders are known to struggle with social skills and so they would benefit even more from this app. Knock Knock Numbers was created by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and features colorful illustrations. The design of the app is simple and easy to navigate.

App Features

Knock Knock Joke DoorTo start, you will open the app and it will automatically start the game. There are no start buttons or main menus. I like that because it is one less distraction for a curious kiddo. There is a settings option in the bottom right corner. The setting options are very minimal. You have the option to choose how many number choices to give the child playing the game. If the child is still learning their numbers or struggles with attention, you might make the amount of choices pretty small. If your child loves numbers, you might make that amount bigger and increase the challenge. You always want to set the child up for success and this app is great for that. You can also learn more about the app and Touch Autism in the settings.

Level Check

Next, the child will knock on the virtual door. By touching the screen, the child will navigate through the joke. One small improvement I would love to see is laughter at the end of the joke. I think it helps to hear that sound and know that it is supposed to be funny. The other sound effects are incredible though. The knocking sound is really fun and made my son smile and get excited when he tried out this app. He mentioned many times that “This is silly” while smiling the whole time. He is right because they are silly jokes which makes it perfect to introduce humor. They are so dramatic and obvious that the humor is easier to understand. There are 20 jokes included in this app. All of them are knock knock jokes and they are all animated with pictures.


The Knock Knock Number Recognition Feature The number recognition feature in this app is awesome. The number is said aloud and the child is supposed to choose the correct number on their screen. I love that it integrates numbers and humor while keeping it fun. The number recognition options are basic but effective. My son was intrigued and didn’t want to stop playing. It might be helpful to have it repeat the number multiple times until the correct number is picked. Right now, it only says it once. My son who is only 5 lost his focus a few times and then didn’t hear the number and so I had to tell him it. It is written out at the top of the screen so children who can read would not have this problem but it’s something to be aware of if your child cannot read. The number options go up to 10.

What’s Great About This App

The Number 8 Knock Knock JokeI would definitely recommend this app to kids that are being introduced to humor and jokes. In my opinion, it’s suited most for kids between the ages of 5-8 years of age. This app is perfect in a home or therapy setting. I love the 20 jokes that are included. They are fun, classic, and perfect for kids. It definitely helps children relate with humor. I would also love to see other jokes besides knock knock jokes available or even a social story that could further a child’s’ understanding of humor. One of my favorite things with all of the Touch Autism apps is the easy navigation and beautiful illustrations. The pictures are colorful and make it fun for kids to learn and progress. So don’t be afraid to laugh out loud, get a little silly, and enjoy some fantastic knock knock jokes with Knock Knock Numbers.

Touch Autism website contains other apps and resources for Autism, Social Stories, and Behavior Strategies. At the time of writing this review Knock Knock Numbers retailed for $2.99.

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A fun app for teaching knock knock jokes, an important social skill

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