Calm Counter

A social story & a visual & audio tool to help people calm down when they are angry or anxious.

Calm Counter Social Story & Anger Management ToolCalm Counter is a visual and audio tool to help people calm down when they are angry or anxious. The app includes a social story about anger, and audio/visual tools for calming down.


The app opens up to a “I need a break screen” that vocalizes “I need a break” when it is tapped. The screen then transitions to a red screen with an angry face and the number ten. With each tap the screen transitions to a calmer face and color. In this way, the app prompts the user to count backwards from ten followed by a deep breath.

The app also includes a simple social story with line drawings about anger. The social story talks about feeling angry and things you can do, like counting to ten, breathing deeply and taking a break, to calm yourself down.

The settings screen allows you to choose from male, female or no vocals for counting back from ten and for reading the social story out loud.

Tried this morning! – Was so excited to get this! My son with autism was tantruming this morning because I would not let him bring one of his toys to school and I popped this puppy out and it worked like a charm!!! LOVE IT!!


helpful – Good, my high functioning ASD child has little meltdowns and screaming episodes and he has used this and likes it he is counting backwards and breathing, learning word for word, I love the “I need a break” part.


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