Aspergers Test App Review

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Aspergers Test App Review

The Aspergers Test is a free app for those individuals that may believe they have Aspergers or an Autism Spectrum disorder. There are many different types of Autism. Some of the high functioning ones include: PDD-nos, Aspergers, and High Functioning Autism. I have met many adults that have wondered if they might be on the Autism Spectrum somewhere. This app will not discern between each Autism diagnosis but instead will give you a score that will evaluate whether or not you may be on the spectrum. It focuses on Aspergers. This app was very easy to use and navigate. The self evaluation tool is strictly for reference. It does not qualify as a medical diagnosis but can be beneficial in helping understand symptoms, the evaluation process, and Autism in general. The test is officially called the “AQ” test or “Autism Spectrum Quotient” test. It was created by Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen and colleagues at Cambridge. He is a renowned Autism advocate. It has been developed now by the Aspergers Test Site into an easy to use app that can be accessed on the go. The test will answer and investigate whether an individual has symptoms of Autism. The results are instant and clear. You can take the test as many times as you want. Another huge benefit to this app is that it is free to download and try. It also saves your latest results so you can view those at any time. The resources within the app are great as well for helping support individuals with Autism or Aspergers.

The app was created as an additional resource and help to the Aspergers Test. It was created in 2011 and has benefited many individuals looking for answers about Autism and wanting an online diagnostic test. There are many resources available on this site besides just testing. They offer an email newsletter, a mini course, and a blog full of information and help.


Let’s get started! When you open the app, you will see many options. You can choose between “Asperger’s Test”, “Results Page”, “About the Test”, “Blog”, “Mini Course on Asperger’s”, “Aspergers and Emotion”, or the “Autism Parenting Newsletter”. The last four tabs are informational and the resources are found mostly outside of the app. They are helpful resources and worth checking out.

The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. In the test, you will notice questions about social skills, communication, creativity, imagination, attention, and tolerance. It is a simple and easy to use test. It is definitely made for adults. Teenagers may benefit from this test as well. Children however would have a hard time answering the questions and parents would not be able to answer for a child with accuracy. You could try however. The question is often a statement that you decide how accurately it describes you. The multiple choice answers include “Definitely Agree”, “Slightly Agree”, “Slightly Disagree”, or “Definitely Disagree”. A lot of the questions require intent which would make it difficult to answer for someone else. You could try your best however and receive some insight. I did read in the “About the Test” tab about their is a test version available specifically for children and adolescents. I would definitely recommend creating apps for specifically children and adolescents as well. I think finding the correct test for the right age group would make a big difference. You might be able to re-word the questions when asking a child or teenager to help them understand but the accuracy would always be in question.

You will instantly receive your results from the test after answering the questions. A score above 32 does fit into the criteria of an Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis. A score between 26-31 is considered borderline. You can view the results at any time by simply clicking on the “Results” tab on the main menu. If you take it more than once, it will only save the most recent set of results.

Some of the other helpful resources include a free mini course about Asperger’s Syndrome. It includes how to get help and I would highly recommend it.

Aspergers Test Overview

Over the last few years, I have met many adults that have wondered if they might be on the Autism Spectrum somewhere. I would definitely recommend this app, the Asperger’s Test app, to those such individuals. I think this will benefit many adults that are not sure whether they want to seek an official diagnosis but want to understand if they even fit into the criteria for Asperger’s. I would love to see a separate test app for children and adolescents as well. There are many parents that are concerned about their young toddler and could benefit from a test for small children. I do think this will benefit some parents that want to take the test anyway and gain some insight for their child. Seeing it in an app format is really helpful. I love that you can take it on the go. I also love that this app is free. I further recommend taking the Aspergers test and visiting the Aspergers Test Site for more information. You could download this on iTunes or Google Play!

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