Wait Timer App Review

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App Overview

Wait Timer Color-Coded ClockWait Timer is a social story and visual timer that teaches waiting. “How many more minutes mom?” plays like a record in the back seat, or right before dinner time. Being able to visualize how much longer can ease the anxiety and help a child wait for what they want. Wait Timer includes a color-coded clock that the child can watch while they are wanting to do something. When the timer runs out, the child knows their wait is over and it is time. This can also ease anxiety with transitions or something the child will need to do that they don’t want to. Included in this great app is a social story that can help explain why waiting and patience is hard but important. It includes beautiful illustrations and an easy to use interface. This app was developed right here at Touch Autism and is full of the well designed attributes and great behavior strategies that their other apps include.

App Features

Wait Timer Settings MenuThere isn’t a lot that needs to be explained with this App. It is user-friendly and the purpose is very clear. When you open the app and see the timer on the main page. You can press start, go to settings, or read the social story to begin. In the settings, you can set the timer, or read the instructions to get more tips.

When starting the timer for the first time, you might only introduce it for 5-10 seconds and then make it longer over time. Helping the child understand how it works and that they get what they want after that timer goes off can help to gain their trust in this process. I love that it is a full circle so they can see how much time they have left and that it is colorful. The colors might be my favorite part. They are entrancing. I have personally tried many of these timers with my son and this one has so far been his favorite because the colors are visually engaging. Something I would love to see in the future with the timer option is a child lock. Some kids are smart enough to get into the settings and turn the clock off themselves.

Now, there are no limits to this timer! It can be set for as little or as much time as you want. To make the timer work properly and for longer amounts of time, you will need to adjust your iPad settings so that it doesn’t fall asleep while the timer is counting down. It won’t reset the timer if your iPad does go to sleep which is nice but the child could get upset if the clock goes away and the screen goes dark.

Wait Timer Social StorySocial Stories are used to educate and to praise. They model appropriate behaviors and can help the reader or child understand the expectations and rules for a certain behavior or task. When using the Touch Autism Wait Timer Social Story, the child will simply tap the screen to turn the page. The audio volume and playback can be adjusted in the settings. I love the voice in the audio play back. It is calming but clear. The pictures are great and help to tell the story of why waiting can help us get what we want. The social story also discusses how a child might feel when they want something that they can’t have right now. It is well written and positive.

What’s Great About This App

Wait Timer App ReviewI love the design of this app. The colors are fantastic, and it is easy to use. It is a great tool for all kids who struggle with waiting, and transitions. It is simple and perfect for a child to navigate. One of the best parts is that there are no limits to this timer. You can use it for anything whether it’s waiting for a toy, the bus, or getting ready for bed. Parents prepare yourself, you may be in for a calm, and happier family night with Wait Timer.

The Touch Autism website is dedicated to making the best apps for kids with Autism. At the time of writing this review Wait Timer retailed for $2.99.

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A Social Story and Visual Timer that Teaches Waiting with a fun color-coded clock.

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